Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michelle and Mario to be Baptized - and another TRANSFER ATTACK!!!

Well, hello everyone! Lots has happened this week that I need to fill you all in on. First off, TRANSFER ATTACK!!! Elder Holub was forcefully uprooted from his beloved Villalba and sent far up North to Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. So, I'm sure he'll be enjoying life up there and spreading the joy and love of the gospel to everyone just as he did down here in Villalba and before in Alcobendas. To replace him came Elder Thurston from Logan, Utah, who is even TALLER than Elder Holub was. We've been getting settled in and keeping things going in the area in the meantime, and I'm sure we'll have a great companionship. Elder Holub is my favorite companion to date, but we'll see what happens with Elder Thurston!

Things are going well here in Villalba, as far as missionary work goes. Michelle and Mario will both be baptized this Saturday, at different times. They have both asked me to baptize them. Last night we had their interviews and they both pass
ed with flying colors and are totally ready to take the important step of baptism. I'll be singing a solo for one of the musical numbers. We'll see how it goes! Also, Michelle wanted Elder Holub to give a talk at her baptism, but since he got transferred, he recorded a talk and we will listen to it at the baptism instead! Cool, eh?

In other news, things are going great with Isaac and Andrea.
My signing is improving. We keep teaching them good lessons and they seem to understand pretty well what we want to communicate. And, the biggest news of all, is that we got them to Church this last Sunday! It was an excellent experience. I had to put all of my signing skill to work in order to try and interpret the talks and lessons, but I'm pretty sure they got the jyst of it. Isaac said that he liked the Santa Cena [sacrament], and he had another spiritual experience during Sacrament Meeting that really strengthened his testimony. Besides that, the night before, Mario, Isaac and Andrea all came to a baptism with us that was being held in Barrio 1, Madrid. I had to interpret there as well, and they enjoyed the experience. The best part was being able to talk to Isaac on the bus there and back and learn more about him and Andrea and their lives. This is probably the biggest challenge I've ever undertaken in my life: integrating a deaf person into a hearing ward and helping them gain a testimony, but I know that with the Lord's help, nothing is impossible.

They've begun demolition to build a new capilla [chapel] here in Villalba
(a "carillon," you could say). It will resemble those we're used to in Utah: a free-standing building with a steeple and a real cultural hall and all the bells and whistles. I don't know if I'll still be around when it's finished, but it's still exciting to hear about. I am very happy and pleased that we will have a nice, new capilla.

Besides that, nothing new! We were sad to take down the Christmas decorations and put away the Christmas music, but there's a time an
d a place for everything. A few New Years Resolutions I've set: daily workouts to the next level, eating better, and keeping the apartment cleaner. So far, all three are on track.

I love you all! Thank you, ALL of you, for your kindness and concern. I really appreciate the emails, letters, and packages that I've received lately. They'v
e helped me in a multitude of ways.

Take care,

-Elder Knorr

1- Elder Holub with Maritzah, Brian, and Michelle
Coello. We
celebrated his 20th birthday with them.2- Elder Holub and me3- The Baptism in Villalba Barrio 1 - Pablo (ward mission leader), Mario, Andrea, Isaac, me, Elder Holub4- Our Romanian Gypsy Family :) [Mariana]