Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Investigator Mario!

Wow, that's too bad about the Provo Tabernacle! Has the building itself been hopelessly damaged, or are there plans to restore it? That's a neat thing about the picture of Christ's Second Coming. It reminds me of the scriptures quoted in Handel's Messiah "For who shall stand when he appeareth? and who shall abide the day of his coming? For he is like a refiner's fire..." I don't know, but it is a neat thing. Still stinks that the Provo Tabernacle was burned. I always really liked that building.

Anyway, things are going well. In about an hour we have a visit with Isaac. He and Andrea have been on vacation in Barcelona for the last week, so we've been out of contact for a while, but they have plans to come to church this Sunday and we're very excited for that. Today we hope to set a definitive baptismal date with him and explain the Holy Ghost better. We don't have a word for "Espiritu Santo" in LSE, so we're going to have to make one up. We have plans to get him a simplified version of the Book of Mormon (the one for children that comes with pictures) so that he can understand better the doctrines and stories. We're still concerned that even that book would not be able to fully convey the important doctrines contained in the Book of Mormon, but it would at least be something.

Natalia did not get baptized the 3rd as we had planned. There are problems in her family that keep impeding her progress, and a little more effort needs to be shown on her part as well before a baptism will be possible. We'll keep working with her.

We have a great investigator right now named Mario. We found him while contacting near the train station and had a 15 minute chat about gospel subjects with him right there. We invited him to come by the church to talk some more, and he did. We watched the Restoration movie and he absolutely loved it! Since that day, he has really gotten into the Book of Mormon and given his full effort to learning it and applying it in his life. He has gained a firm testimony that the Church is true and that he wants to follow it. He has a baptismal date for the 15th of January, and he stopped smoking New Year's Day. We were originally going to meet with him a few days after to help him with our "quit-smoking program," but when he showed up he let us know that he hadn't smoked in 3 days and that he had no intentions of doing so. Incredible! In every way, he is progressing towards his baptism. We're excited for him and know that he is making changes that will help him for his whole life.

We've been traveling around a lot lately: making the journey to Madrid several times, and to Segovia a handful of times as well. The weather is cold, and for the past two days it's been very foggy (something that happens periodically here that I haven't seen happen much in Utah.)

Tomorrow is Three Wise Men day (Dia de Reyes Magos) and after that the vacations will officially cease and we will be able to start meeting with more people and having more members accompany us to visits. I've felt crippled these past few weeks as far as missionary work is concerned, just because of a general drop in the work.

I'm glad the you enjoyed the Christmas call. Thanks so much for all of the love and support you send me, in emails and letters and such things. It means a lot to me to know that I'm appreciated and loved by my family and friends back home. Just know that I'm giving it my all out here in Spain and that I intend to keep working hard until the end. I love you! Till next time,

-Elder Knorr

P.S. A warning to all: Don't send anything to my apartment address. It doesn't seem to work... and I would hate to lose your letters.