Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halfway for Elder Knorr on April 1st!

Well, hello everyone! It's me, the once-again city missionary. I'm slowly getting used to the whole city feel again. The pueblo has its benefits, but so does the city. There are many more opportunities to work and teach here! So I'm enjoying that aspect of things. The ward is also good, and full of really great and fired-up-to-share-the-gospel members, and all of them are, of course, very friendly and welcoming. I still haven't met them all, but I've been working diligently on remembering names and faces, trying to get to know them all as quickly as possible. In Segovia, I didn't have any other choice but to meet everyone and become friends with them; there were so few members! Here, developing that kind of relationship with the members will probably be a bit more challenging, but I'm giving it my best.

The baptism of Alfredo and William went fine! Elder Kap and President Watkins gave me phone calls to let me know about how the service went. They had the baptism in a discreet and beautiful location in a lake near Segovia. An hour before the baptism, I talked with Alfredo and William over the phone to see how they were doing and how they were feeling and congratulate them for the great step they were taking towards Christ. They sounded excited and happy. Elder Kap said that he took lots of good pictures, pictures that I plan on stealing and sending in the next batch. Though I wasn't there for the actual service, I'm very pleased that everything worked out without a hitch.

Just as a clarification, my companion Elder Becerra is Bolivian, from Santa Cruz. Not Spanish, just Spanish-speaking. It's been fun so far being his companion: we teach each other words and phrases. I've already learned lots of useful words, such as "surer," which is a Spaniard way of saying "to beat up." :) I've already taught him a myriad of useful and current English phrases, such as "tough luck," "what the flip" and "what's up" (things they would not teach him of in college).

A few days ago, I got a very nice surprise. Package!!! Yay! It was filled with baking and Easter goodness, a new CD of music, and a camel. I've been enjoying the Eastery treats for the past few days and I plan on making the chocolate chip cookies today to share with some members. Oh, Dad, could you possibly send me a recipe for your chocolate chip cookies (or is that too much of a secret)? I really would like that, so that I can make chocolate chip cookies without packets. :) Oh, and I love the Northridge Elementary Choir music on the disc.

Once again, I forgot to bring the cable to send pictures with the email. I'll try to remember to do it next time, sorry...

Today, for preparation day, we went to the Spanish Naval Museum! The Spanish Armada was the best in the world for a long time and was and still is their pride and joy. It was very cool. They had all kinds of old weapons and models of big ships and paintings of naval battles and stuff. I took lots of pictures. They also had an enormous painting of Columbus coming to the New World and meeting the natives, which was cool.

I hope to get some serious letter-writing done today. We'll see what happens though, because last week I hardly had any time at all. I know I haven't written you guys in awhile and I really want to. I'll try my best to send some letters your way today.

General Conference is coming up! It will surely be a very fun and uplifting experience, and I'm looking forward to it a great deal. It's interesting: last time I saw an April General Conference, I was in the MTC in Provo. That feels like it could have happened yesterday! And yet, here I am, with half of my mission already spent.

Sounds like everything's going well with the family. Have fun with the road trip and be sure to tell me how it goes! Thanks for the package and the emails and the love that you constantly show towards me. It really helps me keep going. I love you, family, and I'm proud to be out here representin' in Spain. Remember, the Church is true, and God loves us. Till next time!

-Elder Knorr