Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures and excerpts from past letters, including Elder Knorr's testimony

Meeting with the Mayor of Segovia

Just a little missionary fun.

December 23

We've been pretty cold here in Segovia the past few weeks. We got permission to buy a space heater. My companion named it "Esther" and we both love it (or "her" I guess). The family of Luis Enrique LOVES animals. They've got two birds, a turtle, and a hamster. Luis Guillermo (the son) always has one of his pets there with him when we teach a lesson. Also, they fed us rabbit once. It's quite good. They sell whole, skinned rabbits at the supermarket. Pretty interesting!

It's funny the things we take for granted, like friendships and relationships, when in reality those are the only things that matter in the end. I was just suddenly uprooted from everything I knew and loved and and sent across the Atlantic Ocean! It really helped me see what's truly important in life. Before, I put a lot of importance on things that really didn't deserve it. Not to say those things in general were bad, I had just messed up values. I'll see things more clearly after the mission.

December 30

Well, I am SOAKED. I just walked through a freak Spanish rainstorm, and I didn't think to bring an umbrella. It just came out of nowhere! And the wind was way strong and just started pelting my face like no other! We were walking through the big, empty dirt field next to our apartment and I just got NAILED and there was no cover or protection anywhere nearby and my companion's little umbrella was woefully inadequate to keep us dry. It was coming in sideways, no joke.

We're sitting in a dentist's office right now. My companion wants to be a dentist and he decided it would be fun to get his teeth worked on in a Spanish clinic. Not my idea of fun, but whatever. My shoes are completely waterlogged; just soaked right through to the insole. Apparently all the stuff here is free. My companion just got an x-ray and he doesn't have to pay for it!

January 27

I know that God lives. How do I know? Because I've felt the Spirit tell me that it's true. I'm very grateful to have had such a witness so that I know the truth. Getting knowledge from the Holy Ghost is the purest way to receive knowledge and understanding. It's just a straight channel from God to us. Other senses can deceive, but who can tell someone else how they feel? Nobody - exactly. Which is why I know that nothing that anyone else could ever do or say could take that knowledge away from me. I know that Christ is our Savior, the literal bridge-builder between mankind and God-kind. Through temples and the power of the Priesthood, we have the opportunity to face the eternal adventure as families, together with the ones we love. I know these things. I know them. I have seen miracles, not all of which I openly share right now but maybe in some future day. I know this Church is true, and that by following it, we can become our best. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.