Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great News!!!

I think I'll start with the best news...

Alfredo is getting baptized on the 27th of February! Yes, we
're very happy. He's still the same ole' awesome Alfredo that he's always been, and he's committed to his date on the 27th. We're preparing him for that day. I'll keep you all posted. We haven't yet met with William, despite our efforts, and he hasn't come to church yet. We'll keep trying - he was a good friend and a nice guy.

Transfers came and went, and still no move! I'm still pluggin' away here in Segovia with Elder Kap. There will, however, probably be changes in the coming transfer. Big ones. For instance, we're getting a missionary couple here in Segovia! We've been looking for an apartment for them for the last week and they'll be moving in ASAP. I'm excited to meet them and work with them. They will be a very big blessing for the branch here.

Right then, to reply to your email: I'm glad to hear that my blog is well-received and I hope that it's helped someone in some way.
I'm really having great experiences here in Spain and I hope that the rest of you all are enjoying them in some small way as well. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Godfrey for the support! I really appreciate it. And I'm glad that Ty and Taylor are doing well and that they've returned with honor.

Utahn versions of the word "cold" are s
tarting to be replaced by Spaniard versions. Though it's only a few degrees below freezing, I'm feeling colder and colder. We have had a few warm days though. That's the way it is here apparently. Presidente Galera taught me a Segovian saying about the weather. Roughly translated, it goes like this: "January's Snowy, February's Crazy, March is Windy, April is Rainy, come out with May, flowery and pretty." So far, it's all happening just as he said it would!

Time to share scriptural insights! I thought I'd
share some observations about 2 Nephi 28, but also share some things I got from my study of the New Testament, just because! :)

I like 2 NE 28. I like to call it the "Don't Sin" chapter. There are the classic verses 7-9 (remember Emily's primary talk?). I also really like 20-22. They use really good language to warn us of the dangers of sin!

20: Total fulfilment of prophecy
! The world at large is more and more "stirred up to anger" against all that which is good, like the Church, the family, self-discipline, etc.
21: Pacify, cheateth their souls, led carefully down to hell. What strong language! This verse was used to good effect by Richard G. Scott in the last General Conference.
22: My favorite one of the three. Flattereth away. "I am no devil, for there is none." I have seen this mentality all over the place while I've been on my mission. It is a huge problem. If we don't know that Satan is there, trying to mess us up, and if we don't keep on our guard, we will get spiritually poisoned by degrees until we're dead. Don't get flattered away!

Alright, now for the New Testament. I read the first 7 chapters of Mark this week and enjoyed them a lot. I like the Gospels because you get multiple viewpoints of the same events. Mark starts with a very summarized version of the baptism and temptation of Jesus and gets straight into the core of his ministry. I enjoyed all of it, of course, but the one that stood out to me this time was Mark 2:21-22.

Jesus Christ started a new dispensation. The old prophecies and laws that Judaism was built off of had become old and corrupted. Jesus brought all things again new.

Yep, all the rumors are true about the changing missions. It's good news and bad news at the same time. Good news: our mission gets the Canary Islands!! Sweet! We'll also probably get the city of Bilbao and a good amount of Basque country, which will be fun. Bad news: We'll lose La Mancha and some of the eastern cities, and probably some of the elders that we have right now. But it's revelation and it will be an adventure anyway so I'm looking forward to it!

Until next time, my beloved family and friends. Take care!