Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making good progress in the area of Segovia!

Yes, first of all, we are still working with Alfredo on the baptism, and still aiming for the 27th of February. Things are looking good. It's going to be great!

Having searched for months of end, it was about time that we found a SWEET family! I don't know if I already told you about them, but I'm going to tell you about them again just to be safe. The father is Hector, a Peruvian man in his mid 40s. We found him in the street one night while contacting. We set a date for a lesson and, when he showed up, he brought two of his kids! In a later lesson, he brought his other daughter too. Brenda is 15 and understands everything we teach really well. It's amazing because she already has a great testimony about the existence of God and she understands the Book of Mormon and its purpose really well. Ingrid is 13 and listens very carefully and attentively to the lesson and understands things very well as well. And Renso, the 12-year-old son, is likewise awesome. We haven't met the mother yet, but this family is great! We have another appointment to meet with them this Saturday, and we are going to focus on getting them to Church. It's so nice when we find someone who wants to listen and learn.

Employing a term I learned from one of Ethan's letters: That's the "wiz fiz" with our investigators right now. From friends and family, I've received many letters and still haven't had time to respond to very many at all yet! For the past few preparation days, we've been a bit busy and haven't had time to write a whole lot of letters. I'm planning on hitting it pretty hard today so we will see how many I can crank out.

I'll dispel the doubt over letters from Dad right now: Yes, I have received all three of the letters mentioned to me in the email. Last preparation day I was able to write letters to Megan and Ethan but then ran out of time. I decided it was better to send them immediately rather than wait until today to finish writing the family and send it all together. I'm sorry Dad, there's on coming soon!!

About the senior couple that is coming: We have been working very closely with Elder and Hermana Jewell to find them a piso so that they can come out here and work with us. They are just starting their mission now. It will be really fun to work with them. Also, according to hearsay, Hermana Jewell knows how to make some great Mexican food, so Elder Kap and I are pretty excited about that! :) They're looking for a piso that is as furnished as possible already so they don't have to worry about that. I suppose they will be moved in withing the coming days.

So, time for a bit of speculation. It is altogether possible that in the next week or so, Elder Kap and I will be moving pisos! While searching for one for the Jewells, we found one that would work really nicely for us. We asked Elder Thompson about it and he said he would get to work on the contracts. The owner of our piso has a contract with us until July but Elder Thompson doesn't think he is exhorable. So we could be moving soon!

Recently I have been reading in both the Book of Mormon and Mark, but I neglected to bring note about what I liked, so I can't really share my thoughts. Suffice it to say that I love both of those studies and am greatly enjoying them!

Time for a bit of not-so-happy news: we still haven't had the cha
nce to meet with William. Alfredo says that he doesn't want to continue, which seems strange to me as he had such great desires before leaving for Colombia. I'd like to at least meet with him once more, if for nothing else than to just say hi, and hopefully find out why he doesn't have interest anymore.

Olympics are happening? That's fun. My companion likes skiing so I'm sure he wishes he could watch them. But he is doing bigger and better things right now, isn't he? Just like me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat any chocolate for Valentines Day. Though I do think it's interesting...(brace for deep-thinking rant). If I'm not mistaken, St. Valentine got famous for marrying young lovers who weren't legally allowed to get married because of a war or something. That version of love is SO different than what the world nowadays views it to be. Here in Spain, it's considered completely normal and natural for couples to live together for years before getting married, and very few young people wait for marriage. Sometimes I wish the world could revert back to those old times, when people who were in love GOT MARRIED. Being here in the mission has shown me how big of a stumbling block this is for some people. The world would be so much of a better place if everyone kept that commandment. Right then, sorry for going off on a tangent. Hope that didn't scare anyone away. :)

Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of Luis Enrique at 2:30. They invited us over to eat and celebrate. It will be fun, that whole family is very dear to me!

So good to hear from you again, family! As always, thanks for the letters and the love and concern that you show me. It really helps me out. The work is going splendidly and I'm having a great time. Take care, and until next time!

-Elder Knorr