Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparation Day, once again!

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by the change in Preparation Day [last week]. Mission orders... and it was for a good reason too.

Lately it's been quite cold here in Segovia, some days more cold than others. Sometimes rain, sometimes snow, usually wind. It's fun, but it makes contacting a little harder to do, so we have to work extra hard to meet our goals!

Our meeting with the mayor went well. I got pictures with him! To be frankly honest, it could have gone better. He didn't seem too eager to talk to us. I got the feeling that he was meeting with us just because he felt obligated. Though it was nerve wracking talking to someone so important who didn't show very much interest, I know the Holy Ghost helped me communicate effectively and fulfill my purpose. We explained in simple terms who we were and what our purpose was. Hopefully we did some good.

Very excited to get those packages!!!!! No, I won't be down to Madrid before my birthday, but better late than n
ever, right? It doesn't matter, don't worry. Kristen sent me a small birthday gift so I'll at least be able to open that one up. The rest will just be a nice late birthday surprise! :)

Emily sounds like she has a good plan for college, and I wish h
er luck in finding a new job! It sounds like the job market is pretty tough for people her age (judging from what Kristen's told me of her job-hunting troubles).

Yes, I studied 2 Ne 20-24. The Isaiah chapters, whoopee! :) and I have a few little commentaries of things that stood out to me this time:

Obvious reference is made to the life of Jesus Christ in Chapter 21 verses 1 through 5. I love thinking about how this prophecy was written many hundreds of years before Christ was born. Christ's fulfillment of these words should be enough evidence to convince anyone that He is the Messiah.

Up until now in my life, I just haven't fully appreciated the meaning of these prophecies. Now, as a missionary, I'm starting to understand the seriousness and reality of it all. Isaiah was a real man who really lived many hundreds of years before Christ. That someone would come along and fulfill all the prophesies that had been given the way that Jesus did is obviously too much to be a coincidence, and I would present that as a glaring evidence to any doubting sign seeker.

Knowing what we know about the premortal existence, I find Chapter 24, verses 12 to 17 very interesting. It g
ives us perhaps the most complete and comprehensive description of the origin and destiny of Satan, or as he is called in this scripture, Lucifer, the son of the morning. I like the scriptures that talk about how, though now he makes the earth tremble, enjoins the sinful and terrorizes the nations, one day he will be a reproach and a despised weakling, and good will ultimately triumph over evil.

Right then, there are my thoughts on our reading. Where are my siblings' insights? They're smart, they can read, why haven't they sent anything? I expect responses next time, alright? ;)

In other news, things are going well here in Segovia. We teach Luis Enrique a lot, helping him and his recently converted family focus on their next goal: Temple Sealing. We were able to successfully set up a temple trip for them so that they could go do baptisms for the dead in Madrid. It worked out great and they had a great experience!

Saturday, we'll begin teaching English and quit-smoking classes with the end of finding new investigators. We've been putting up lots of posters and flyers to spread the word. I hope we have a good turnout! I'll give Elder Ogden's idea a try if I get a chance [a stop smoking trick he used with one of his investigators].

Ty Bullough is back from his mission? Wow... I can hardly believe it. It only seems like yesterday that it was his farewell.

Everything's going great for me here in Segovia, Spain! Just working hard every day. I've destroyed my slip-on Ecco shoes (too many kilometers on cobblestones.) Now I'm wearing my goretex lace up Eccos and let me tell you I LOVE them!!!

Now it's time for me to be going... I know the Book of Mormon is true! That's why I'm here! I love you all, Mom, Dad, Emily, Megan and Ethan. Don't you guys forget about your ol' big brother serving in Spain! I never forget about you.

-Elder Knorr