Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have survived 20 revolutions around the sun outside of my mother's womb. Wow!

Kind of fun to think about it that way, isn't it?

I realized yesterday that I am no longer a teenager, or an "Eevo Teenayjo" if you will [that's what Emily used to call teenagers when she was little]. Oh, I wish I could have done just one more impulsive, poorly thought through, rash action...just kidding!

Thanks for celebrating my birthday! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! I did something fun and special too: Missionary Work! Sure, there were no balloons, but in all honesty, yesterday was an exceptional day as far as the work goes. We d
id lots of contacting, and we got two references! TWO! We are quite pleased. Hopefully one of these days one of these references will turn into an investigator.

The recently converted Cardenas family, who I go so far as to say are my
2nd family, gave us some delicious roasted chicken and chocolate cake to eat at home to celebrate! My companion and I enjoyed it very much. I also opened the present that Kristen sent me in the Christmas package. Thanks Kristen! :) I'm one of the happiest missionaries in Spain right now, for sure. The other packages haven't come through yet. I should be getting everything a week from now at Zone Conference. It's been awhile since the mission has got my mail to'll come through eventually. Thanks for your birthday wishes and thanks for every prayer.

Surprisingly, it's suddenly gotten warm here! The other day we went out proselyting without coats on and didn't experience any tremulous shivering as we have for the past couple of weeks. The Spaniards all say that this is very irregular, and that we should have two feet of snow by now. They all blame "cambio climatico" [changing weather]. We're going to the village of Coca today, where there is supposedly a big, sweet castle that we hope to photograph and enjoy.

So Daryn's going to San Diego? YEEEEEEAAAH! I actually wondered the other day what he was up to, so it's good to hear that the call came. Rock on, Daryn! And Blaine too! That's way sweet to hear about. I'd like to get both of their mailing addresses once they leave, if that would be ok.

Matthew in the New Testament grabbed me this past week so I actually didn't do any reading in 2 NE this time around. The doctrines of Christ are so perfect! And his teachings so sound. I've been loving it. But yes, just so that I can get caught up with you guys, I'll have 2 NE read all the way through Chapter 33 by next week. Well, I have to get going now, so I'll send this email and call it good! I love you, family! Thanks for everything you've done for me and thanks for loving me so much!

Ever your humble servant,

-Elder Knorr