Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feliz Dia de los Reyes Magos!

Yup, yesterday was the day of the Reyes Magos! [That's why this email's a day late.] The night before, the Three Wise Men visit Spain (and most of the latin world, from what I understand) and leave presents and candies for the kids. I didn't get anything...but that's because Santa already had me covered I guess, and they have some kind of coordination going on between them so that no one can juke out the system and get presents twice. Oh well...maybe I'll find a loophole next year. :)

The work re
cently hasn't been all that great. All of our investigators have gone AWOL and suddenly don't want to meet with us, hear anything or make or keep any commitments. This happens sometimes. I guess this means we're in a "finding stage" again!

To find new investigators, we're starting up some free classes that we're advertising with little flyers all over the place. One of the classes is a conversational English class for people here who want to learn English. The other class is a "Dejar de Fumar" class, or in other words, a support class for people who want to give up smoking. There are some great suggestions in Preach My Gospel for helping people give up addictions, so we'll start there and see how it goes!

Thanks for the packages sent! I look forward to receiving them in the near future.

It's been cold here lately. It's snowing a lot today: big flakes. We probably have about an inch or two out there! My companion especially loves it. It fills him with a happy brio [mood]! Being from Pleasant View, Utah, he's used to having snow half of the year.

The biggest bright spot in the missionary work here lately is the Familia Cardenas (that family of recent converts that we teach). They're so great! I love them a lot. We teach them about three times a week and they're all such good people. I feel a real connection with them. We always have good lessons with them where the Spirit is present, and we always manage to laugh a bit too. Just really good people!

Oh, here's something exciting: today we're going to have an appointment with the Major of Segovia! :D We set the appointment a few days ago and have been preparing to present ourselves to him. Our goal is to let him know who we are, what we do, what the Church is all about, and also get some ideas for ways we can give service to the people of Segovia. I'm pretty nervous but I'm also pretty excited! This is a great opportunity for us to establish good relations with the people here. Wish us luck!

Well that's about it for now! I've been dabbling in fish lately, cooking up some salmon and fillets of fish and also eating smoked trout. Yummy stuff, and much healthier! President Watkins has been exhorting us to eat healthier so I figure this is a delicious way to be obedient! :)

I love you all so much! Thanks for supporting me in what I'm doing here. I know it's the work of the Lord and I'm loving it!

-Elder Knorr