Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From a Missionary who feels VERY LOVED!

Hello one and all!

I think I'll just let you all know right now that I got a great, amazing, wonderful package yesterday!!! And guess who it was from? Kristen! It was a marvelous wonderful thing with many roborant [restoring vigor or strength] contents. I will most definitely send a more thorough thank you to the sender herself in a letter very shortly, but I wanted to just let her know that I got it safe and sound and that I am enjoying it very much!

Well, Elder Zollinger is history now. He'll be flying to California today. From what I understand, he'll be spending a few days there and then flying to Salt Lake, where he will then drive home to Idaho. It sounds like you've already gotten in contact with his parents and figured out all the information you'll need to know to catch him there. As for the presents, they are all in a bag and are individually wrapped so there's no need to worry about "seeing too much". The turron should be eaten before Christmas, however. I wouldn't want to postpone that. :)

I have a new companion! His name is Elder Kap and he is very different from any companion I have yet had. He likes skiing, singing, and has tons of energy to do the work! He has a good singing voice, so we recorded a bit of singing this morning on the tape for you to hear! He has only six weeks on me age-wise in the mission, so we're about equally experienced. It should be fun to learn how to work together and figure things out here in Segovia!

As for the area, things are doing marvelously. We have 3 progressing investigators. Among them is a man named Itso, who is Bulgarian. He loves the Book of Mormon and started reading it from the beginning before we told him to! He has a copy of it in Bulgarian, and from that he's understanding the principles of the gospel very well. He can communicate with us well in Spanish, but his understanding is much better in Bulgarian, so we use as many scriptures as possible when we teach him lessons. He is a very different character, and it is quite amusing to teach him! Also, Luis Enrique still has a date set for the 19th. We continue to teach him and his family and things are going smoothly. I'm sure he'll be ready for baptism on the 19th to join his family in the Church.

Good to hear that the family is doing well in all aspects! Ethan, good luck with your Space Center adventure!

Today, we received extra money from the mission to go out and buy new dishes, utensils, and cooking supplies, along with cleaning supplies. We're refurbishing the apartment! It should be fun.

That's all for now, family! I love you all and I wish the best for you. Thank you once again for the wonderful packages and letters. They truly warm my heart and get me into the Christmas spirit! I'm healthy and happy here in Segovia so don't worry about that. Till next time!

-Elder Knorr

P.S. Just received word that we're only allowed to speak to immediate family during our Christmas call. I appreciate everyone's willingness to let Kristen come for the occasion but it looks like that won't happen now. I know this is kind of a bummer after we were all thinking that it would be ok, and I'm sorry for that. This is the rule and I must follow it. I love you all! and thank you for understanding.