Monday, December 14, 2009

Letters to Dad and Ethan dated December 2nd

To Dad:

Hello! I got the Christmas package...thank you so much! It truly is the Christmas season now! I especially like the fold-out paper nativity. It occupies a prominent place on my desk and I love looking at it. And there is now a nice stack of presents on top of the wall-mounted heating unit (not exactly under a tree, but whatever!). We don't know exactly how to use the heaters in our apartment anyway, and they're not very effective, so it's a perfect spot!

As for a Knorr-Ogden companionship, chances are probably no. There's probably one more chance left, but I've been happy just seeing him every now and then so I'm not all that upset. We'll just see what happens.

Things have gone well here in Segovia lately. We're witness to a surge of new investigators, lessons taught, investigators at church, and investigators progressing. We're just being very blessed as missionaries and doing our best to be worthy stewards of Segovia.

To Ethan:

Things are going great here in the missionfield. Going on a mission is the funnest thing I've probably ever done. Do whatever it takes to get out on a mission! It will take you where you need to go in life. Make going on a mission your goal. It may seem like a long ways away now, but if you don't set yourself in the right direction now, it could be tough later on. Love you, bro! Take care of the family. Your missionary brother, Christopher Knorr/Elder Knorr