Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December! and 8 months too!

Whew, wow, I just had a very hard time trying to get something printed out at this locutorio (internet place). You see, we're having a Christmas Talent Show in the mission and I decided for my talent to write an arrangement of "Stars were Gleaming" for a singing quartet and then perform it. Hermana Watkins, the mission president's wife, took what I wrote and scanned it and sent it to the four of us through email but now it can't be printed out. So...I just spent a good amount of time trying in vain to print it out but it's just not working. Frustrating...I hope the other missionaries are able to print it out. I already know my part by heart, so I won't be too bad off.

Anyway!! Thanksgiving was very fun. We cooked up all the Thanksgiving-y foods that I got in my Thanksgiving package and then ATE THEM! We also made the Bisquick Biscuits that were sent to me by Grandma and Grandpa Knorr, and we enjoyed them very much! :) Be sure to tell them that their package did indeed arrive and also "Thank You" from me for all the wonderful treats they sent.

We had interviews yesterday and I got several letters and also a PACKAGE!!! :) I haven't opened it yet because then it would be harder to carry around Madrid on the way home, so I've decided to wait until we make it back to Segovia before I open it and see what's inside. I think I'll be able to resist the urge to open the presents in there, so no worries! I also received a letter from the Dentons! It contained messages from all the members of the family and was very nice to read. Thank you Dentons!!! I'll respond soon.

Now, as for the Christmas package that I want to send y'all: My companion is going home very soon, in a matter of a few days, and he'll be taking a bit of a detour to get there. He'll fly in to California, where his parents will be, and then they'll all fly to Salt Lake City and then drive home to Idaho Falls from there. What I thought might be good is if someone from the family drove up to Salt Lake and met him there in the airport. He's said that he'll have extra room in his luggage and will be able to just take my package to you guys with him. I thought this would be good because we'd save on postage, you'd get the package before Christmas and you'd also get to meet my ex-companion! He'll land in Salt Lake the Saturday after this Saturday somewhere around noon. His parents' names are Steve and Jerry Zollinger and I have both of their phone numbers here so that you can call them and get more details and plan things out. I'll be sending the package with Elder Zollinger though, so be sure not to miss him or else you won't get nuttin' for Christmas! ;)

As for our area, it is getting cooooold out here! Well, probably not cold by Orem standards, but I'm starting to get softened up by being here. I've been trying out my rain gear and cold gear and I'm pleased to say that everything has been working without a hitch! I'm especially pleased with my coat, which not only keeps me warm and dry but looks quite classy. :D

We've been developing a good relationship with the extended family of Alfredo. We've taught his aunt, Meri, several times and we've gone over many times to eat as well. This last time, we ate and then made Brownies together. It was way fun! Meri is among the most polite, ladylike, kind women I know! She is very loyal to the Catholic church though, but we'll keep working on her! She's told us many times that she always tries to follow her heart, so we know that she'll eventually come to know that this Church is true.

Other than that, I'm excited to see who my new companion is next week. Elder Zollinger and I are an intrepid companionship but I'm sure I'll get another companion who's just as good. We have another visit planned to Avila this week and we'll continue to work hard here in Segovia, searching out the elect wherever we go! I love you all so very much, and I'll talk to you again!

-Elder Knorr