Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madrid Mission Changes - courtesy of Elder Jonathan Ogden

"Yesterday the zone leaders...gave us our mail and green sheets. Green sheets are half-sheets of paper that say where all of the missionaries are serving, with whom and as what. It looks like Elder Knorr went to Segovia. A big group went home and there were apparently no replacements that came in. So areas, districts and zones are combining. We went from about 120 missionaries before to about 104 now. And we will keep decreasing the number until we get to 64. That is enough for two missionaries in every ward or branch.

Along with those changes came a few more announcements. You asked me what President Watkins' emphases are, and I just found them out. He wants the missionaries in every ward council or priesthood executive committee meeting so that the members can be more involved in the work. He wants us doing service as soon as possible to get involved in the community, and he wants us to speak a lot more Spanish. So far I like the changes."