Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 out of 10 Elder Knorrs agree: "Segovia is the Place to Be!!"

OK, call the title cheesy. It is, and I freely admit it. But I thought it was pretty clever too, so there!

Well, just about five minutes ago, I was typing an email and it was getting to be pretty long, and I was reaching the end of my time, and then the computer crashed and I lost all of my progress. All of it. I'm a bit unhappy about that. And now I'm just about to the very end of my time, so I'll do what I can with the time I have.

Segovia is awesome! The weather is cooler, the sights are prettier, the air is cleaner, and it's altogether much less frowzy (which I'm told means dirty, slovenly or untidy). It's a much smaller city than Madrid, and the branch here is just a little one. We don't have very many appointments usually so we spend a whole ton of time street contacting and walking from appointment to appointment (because we don't use public transportation here, we go almost everywhere on foot). All of the extra time on foot and in the sun has been moderately brutal in the way of blisters and sunburns, but I'm dealing with it. My feet have swollen up a bit so I had to take the insoles out of my shoes so that I can fit into them.

One little detail that I have time to share today: There are storks EVERYWHERE here! They're just these huge, huge birds that look like something off of Jurassic Park. You can almost always see one gliding around way up high. You can see their nests all over the place. I could probably fit into one if I tried cause their nests are so big! But yeah, there's the detail of the day.

I made Chicken Fallbrooke! I used one package back in Barrio 1 and the other here. Elder Zollinger liked it and helped me cook the rice deliciously. If you could send more of those packages, I'd definitely appreciate it!

I'm so sorry this is so short! I'll try to avoid this kind of catastrophe in the future. Not sure how, but I'll try. Well, time's already up for me! I love you all and I hope things are going well! Take care!

-Elder Knorr