Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bits and Pieces from letters home...

To Emily:
"Things are going well here in the mission. There's always something new to be learning or someone new to be talking to, or a new part of the area to explore. Sure, it's really challenging sometimes, but it's just crazy the kinds of things the LORD sets up for us! Like all of our lessons will fall through but then we'll meet a sweet person who wants to hear the gospel. He's got a plan, and everything happens for a reason."

To Megan:
"OK! So your first question is about bullfights. They do it a lot here! It's very popular. Actually, one of the members in our ward is a retired awesome. They do it in a coloseum-like thing. I got pictures of it because we took a tour of it a couple of pdays ago."

To Dad:
"Remember how we used to relate the mission to a marathon? And how if I didn't work up to it, they'd have to carry me off in a stretcher? Well, there's a problem with that analogy that I'm starting to see. The more I "meter" myself into the work, the more I'm finding that I want to get carried out on a stretcher. I want to be so worn out at the end of these two years that I've got absolutely nothing left. If I hold back at all, I'll feel like I've cheated the Lord, and I don't want that. No sir-ee!"