Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello Segovia...lovely, historical city NW of Madrid

Yes, you heard right! I've been moved. We knew that there were changes coming, due to the fact that we had 14 missionaries leaving and none coming in to replace them. Several areas have been combined and a few have been closed. Barrio 1 Sur (my previous area) and Barrio 1 Norte have now been merged into one, huge, ginormous area! Elder Fronce stayed and is now in charge of it all, along with his new companion. Elder Ostler, whose parents you met, and Elder Parry, my first companion, are now home, and I got moved northwest of the city of Madrid, across fields and plains, to Segovia! (for Dad) Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaaanges!! (name that song!) But the change is good!

Segovia is a beautiful, historically rich city that is about the size of my old area (so it's a whole lot smaller than Madrid). It features 3 basic things: The Castle, The Cathedral, and The Roman Aqueduct (which is my favorite). The air is much cleaner and the weather is a bit cooler, which is a definite blessing. My new companion is Elder Zollinger, who has a reputation for being one of the most obedient and hardworking missionaries in the mission. I'm super excited to be working with him and I'm sure we'll get a whole lot accomplished together! We've already hit it off real well and I think this is going to be a great transfer.

Just a little, random fun-fact: Elder Zollinger is Sarah Monson's cousin! This is made especially crazy by the fact that both Elder Ogden and I were great friends with Sarah in high school! We've decided that we're going to have to write her a letter to let her know the crazy coincidence that has just taken place.

Strange, funny happenings? Well, here's one of the strange things that happens just about every day in our piso. You see, we live next to some Gypsies, and for no reason that we can yet understand, they make strange shrieking noises, sing loud songs, and clap their hands early in the morning and late at night. Elder Zollinger says that they've always done that, but it's new for me so I find it to be quite interesting. There are always interesting things that happen. None very recently, because I'm just getting used to this new area, but I'll be sure to include them when they happen.

As for pictures, we ended up not being able to do photos last time due to bad timing, and it's starting to look like today will be filled up too because of us having to get something fixed in the apartment (a light fixture in the main room). But I will keep taking pictures, that's for sure, and I'll try to send them as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind that I'm always willing to receive more pictures from family and friends! :) They say a picture says a thousand words. As for the voice tape, I've been recording on it here and there and I think I may be near finishing both sides. When that does happen, I'll be sure to send it immediately.

Ok, you asked about requests for the next package [note: Elder Knorr's family is taking care of these needs - but friends, feel welcome to send him Kool-Aid or other treats. Sounds like he can use an infinite amount!]: I have really enjoyed the Kool- Aid. I would like more of that if possible, and in more variety, but don't send as much Pink Lemonade. I don't know why, but that flavor just hasn't been agreeing with me. Also, I would not mind at all more Speed Stick deodorant, in the same scent. The deodorant here in Spain is not up to par with American kinds, so just sending one or two sticks a package will go a long way towards keeping me smelling like a representative of the Lord should smell. Other than that, I'm all for surprises! There won't be any need to send me more peanut butter for now, as the huge jar you sent me will probably last me my whole mission (no joke).

Well, once again, my time is over! I have quite a few letters that I haven't responded to due to time constraints my last couple of preparation days, but I'm planning on responding to as many of them as possible today. Thank you, family, for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I'm doing my best over here and the Lord knows it. Please keep the letters coming! I love you!

-Elder Knorr