Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The work goes on!

Happy Birthday, Max! Wow, 8 years of puppy love? Where did the time go. Why, it seems only yesterday that Dad brought Max home. He's such a good little puppy...and I'm glad to hear that he still gets a kick out of shredding the egg cartons. He always did love that, didn't he? I wonder if he'll still remember me after all this time. It's sure been a while.

Well, things are going great! You asked for a run-down of our investigators and the work in Villalba, so I decided to write a bit of a summary:

Sadith was baptized as planned this last Sunday. It was a great experience for all those present, including Isaac. Now all 4 members of Sadith's family are members of the church: Sadith, Maritzah, Michelle and Bryan. They're awesome people and I love them a lot. We're all very happy for Sadith and his decision. Now, just one more year and they can be sealed in the temple! :)

We have basically 3 other families that we're working with at the moment. Diana and Daniel, and their kids Michelle and Daniel. They're good. Daniel Sr. avoids us a lot and doesn't have interest like the other three. Also, Diana's father, Jose Maria, is interested in learning more and coming to church, so we're working with him too. Their current challenge is that they're not coming to church like they should be... it's a bit discouraging but we will keep working with them.

Alvaro, Lani and their family are doing well. They're th
e ones with 3 baptism-age daughters. They came to church last week and the daughters just LOVED it! We need to help Alvaro just as much as his daughters, but all in all it was a smashing success getting them all to church. Our visits are falling through too often with them and that's a little frustrating.

Our third family, Maria and her kids, is doing well. She is the most reliable of the three but has been sick lately and thus incapable of meeting or coming to church. She has come once, however, and is a good inve
stigator. We're helping her work through her problems so as to help her young family.

Then there's a good group of young people who have been referred by their friends to investigate the church. Alejandro, Fabiola, and Raquel (youth from the ward) have all invited friends to learn more about the church. All of their friends are good, have interes
t, and many of them are coming to church. It's a very nice trend that we're seeing.

Then there's Isaac
[who is hearing-impaired]. We are moving slowly but surely to help him understand basic principles of the gospel, such as faith, prayer and the need for baptism and repentance. The other day, I spent about 10 minutes just on repentance and what the word means. It's a whole new challenge.

Well, that's more or less what's going on right now. I'm loving missionary work and sucking all of the enjoyment out of it that
I can. I thank you all for your concern, love, and prayers on my behalf. I will continue to do my best to help others and keep the flame alive.

Till next time, your missionary son/brother/friend,

-Elder Knorr

Elders Barlow, Thurston and Knorr

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