Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello! Meet Hampson! (pictures below)

The weather has been very stormy here in Villalba. Lots of snow, rain, wind and cold. It mellowed out near the end of the week and the temperature got quite pleasant for a little while. Today is normal, with rather gray skies and not-too-cold temperatures. Maybe a bit of light rain later on.

Anyway, enough talking about the weath
er! Things continue to go well here in Villalba. There seems to be a curse on this area, however: we find lots of people to teach, they do great at first, but then they all seem to run into unsolvable obstacles and lose drive. It's really sad. We've tried so hard to help them but they don't seem to ever progress. It's a challenge. In the meantime, we keep looking for new people and trying to help the ones we're already teaching. Preach my Gospel says that my responsibility is to teach with clarity and power so that people can make the right choice. Beyond that, and exhorting them with all diligence, there's not much we can do. They have to make their own decisions, and sometimes they just make really dumb ones. Missionary work is quite frustrating sometimes.

In the meantime, we're working really well with the members. They have a lot of drive to help us here, which actually pains me sometimes, beca
use if any ward deserved to have more baptisms, it's this one, and I just wish we could give them what they want. It will take some time but I'm sure that if we are obedient, work hard, and teach to people's needs, the Lord will do the rest and people's hearts will be changed.

I successfully made some delicious Honey Barbecue Chicken the other day. Also, our leg of cured ham is treating us quite well. :) Hampson is
his name, and we've been working our way through him over the past week. [More pictures below.] I remember Elder Zollinger made me promise to do this at least once in my mission, and I'm glad I did. It's been quite a Spanish experience, eating slices of cured ham on Spanish "pan del dia" with a bit of cured cheese on the side. From what I understand, spanish jamon is not allowed in the United States by the FDA, so I won't be able to send any home. Sorry!

Well, I think I'll spend the rest of my email time attaching pictures to this email. Enjoy! I love you all. I haven't gotten any letters i
n a while. Can we see what we can do about that? Thanks! :)

-Elder Knorr

P.S. I've been asked to participate in the Mad
rid Stake Christmas Concert! I'll be playing an arrangement of Christmas carols on the clarinet! I'm pretty anxious because I haven't played the clarinet in a very long time, but I'm hoping that a lot of it comes back.