Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello once again from Barrio 2 North!

Things are going well, if a little slow at the moment. We've had a few days consecutively without many lessons and it's been a bit discouraging, especially after our super-successful time last week. We think the problem lies in not following up and confirming appointments enough, so we're going to step it up in that regard. Today we have two lessons planned with investigators, and we've confirmed them both, so we're feeling pretty good about lessons today.

The phone call was great, thanks everyone! [Note: phone call will be posted this weekend.] Though it was made a bit awkward and difficult by the half-second delay between hearing you guys and you guys hearing me, it was still great to hear all of your voices again and hear how things are going. We're going to have a bit of time today to write letters and writing my beloved family is right up there at the top of my list, so fear not! There will be responses.

The other day while walking in the street, I saw a store that sold all kinds of dried fruit. Among the many savory options was something I'd never seen before: dried kiwi. It wasn't being sold at a very frugal price, but we bought a small about just to try it. When I tried it, the first taste that came to my mouth was "seafood." As it turns out, it wasn't all that delicious, but hey, at least I tried something new, right?

Today we've got a busy day planned. First off, the toilet in our apartment has a little problem: it keeps running and running and running, making noise and wasting water. I called our dueño (the apartment owner) today and he said he'd come down to take a look at it. Next, I'd really like to take in a suit or two to get dry-cleaned. Lastly, at 5 o´clock I have another appointment to get my toe looked at. Now that I've gotten the nail pulled out, I've been on antibiotics to kill the infection and I've been dressing the wound every day. We'll see what the doctor has to say about it.
Last preparation day, we went to a Mosque here in Madrid. It was really cool! It's not letting me include pictures in this email, but I will in the next.

The work is going well here in Barrio 2. It's a great area. I only hope that my companion and I can be the missionaries that the Lord needs to work miracles here. We've just got to work hard and trust in the Lord.

I really appreciate all of the love and support that you show and send me! It helps a lo
t and reminds me what I'm here to do. Take care and never give up!

-Elder Knorr