Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day...yesterday

Well, apparently this keyboard Im using today has some different configurations because I cant seem to type exclamation marks or apostrophies. So all of you English majors and grammar-philes will just have to grit your teeth and bear it for this one because I dont have any other choice. And Im sorry if I dont sound excited about anything. Its because I dont have exclamation marks (Mom, feel free to go through and fix it all). Alright, this is going to be weird.

Good week this week. Weve found some good new investigators and otherwise interested people. And guess what? Alfredo and William are back (insert many exclamation points here). Yes, I know, its great. Were planning on teaching them tonight and Im excited to get things going with them again. They were really great investigators who truly had testimonies of the Gospel. Im excited to hear how their trip was and get to teaching them the Gospel again.

Lets see, newsy... I went to the dentist today. Its not that I had any tooth pain or anything; I just wanted to meet the dentist himself, who is an inactive member. It was nice to meet him and get to know him a bit. He suggested that, to take care of some white spots on my teeth, I rinse with a supplement that is pretty much, from what I understand, extract from mother of pearl. Apparently, this supplement is his "trade secret" and no other dentist in Spain uses it. Well, THAT was my first warning. But I wanted to be nice and trusting so I took it anyway and was still mostly for the idea until he dropped the price on me: 30 euros. I had pretty much already been pressure sold into it by that point so I paid for it off my home card. But Im probably going to return the unused package tomorrow and try and get my money back.

I greatly enjoyed all of the swell letters and precious packages that you all sent me. I would add exclamation marks there but I cant. Its the thought that counts, right? Thanks for the shoes, Ive begun the process of breaking them in. They seem a little tight. I think its because my feet have become much stronger and more muscly as a result of walking everywhere. But theyre leather shoes and will eventually ad
apt to my feet. Soon Ill be nimble as a ninja. Also, thanks for the several bags of yankee candy and the several pounds of Stretch Island fruit leather. Ill be sure to put it to very good use... :) Question though: why dont they make banana flavored fruit leather? Just a random thought. I have to say that my favorite thing in the package was the photo album of all you guys. Looks like youre doing great and having a good time.

Grandma and Grandpa Knorr: Thanks for the birthday package, it was wonderful. My companion and I baked and iced and sprinkled the cakes. Devils Food cake just happens to be my companions favorite kind. We made two, using the pie tins you sent me. We ate one of the cakes, just us two, and took the other one to district meeting. As it turned out, we didnt have enough time to eat it there, so we grabbed a knife and took the cake with us and ate it on the train, all four of us Elders, cutting slices with the knife and eating it with our fingers. Fortunately it wasnt a crumbly cake so we didnt make any mess. Though the package reached me a few days after my birthday, I enjoyed it a lot and it brightened my day. Thanks (exclamation point). And the bisquick was also put to good use, making an excellent complement to me and my companions fried chicken (yes, I can make fried chicken).

Today will of a surety be a day of much letter writing. I have a lot to respond to. Sorry to anyone who has been waiting a long time for a reply. This is the first time Ive gotten mail in about 5 weeks and plus, it sounds like a few letters have mysteriously disappeared in the black hole of the Spanish mail system. Sorry about that, but I guess it happens sometimes. Ill get right to replying to all of the letters in my possession. Thanks again for caring enough to send them to me (exclamation point). That just doesnt feel the same, does it? Oh well, desparate times...

I hadnt heard about those Romanian Elders, but I have heard horror stories about natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide. We have a great Senior couple, the Thompsons, who make sure our pisos are safe and there arent any problems with that, so I feel safe. As for the "creative methods" mentioned in earlier emails, no worries. We use a small, plug-in space heater that has nothing to do with natural gas OR carbon monoxide, so its very safe. It keeps things from getting too gelid [word of the week - very cold] though.

I love you all so very much. Thanks for loving me and showing it (as Elder Bednar would say). All of the positive emotion is appreciated. Until next time.

-Elder Knorr