Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall has Fell in Segovia

Elder Zollinger and I haven't quite fused into one individual, though we've started to speak in perfect unison at all times. This makes it rather difficult to contact people in a normal, natural way, but our companionship unity is better than ever! ;)

The weather has gotten rather cold here in the past week. I'd equate it to the early autumn temperatures we experience in Utah. The funny thing is that when it gets that cold here, Spaniards act like it's reaching lows from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"! One day Presidente Galera marvelled, "Elderes, saben que llego a dos bajo zero esta manana? Dos bajo zero!!!" ["Elders, do you know it's going to be two below zero this morning? Two below zero!" - that's Celsius, which equals 28.4 degrees Farenheit.] It was apparently very, very cold for him at two below zero. I've personally experienced much lower temperatures than that in Utah Valley, and I can't even tell my companion, who comes from Idaho Falls, a single thing about coldness as it often reaches 20 to 25 below F out there! So we both silently chuckle at how cold the Spaniards get with a light breeze in bright sunlight. I've been dressing warmer just in case though, wearing my coat so that I don't catch a truculent gripe [pugnacious cold]!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Thanksgiving package (which I received about a week ago). I was very pleased with all of its contents. Oh, where do I start? First of all, thank you for the Christmas music! We've started playing it every day and it's really getting us in the yuletide mood! I'm already seeing in shades of vivacious green and incarnadine red. There was a disc of MoTab music, Come Thou Fount, but since I already have all that on my current MoTab disc, I gave it to Elder Zollinger, I hope you don't mind. And thank you so much for the entire General Conference! The first thing we did was listen to the session that we missed and enjoyed it thoroughly, geeking out especially over Jeffrey R. Holland and D. Todd Christofferson's talks, then we reviewed many others and have been greatly uplifted and edified. Then, there was the food. Food, food, food! We got all the fixings necessary for a fine Thanksgiving dinner, which we will no doubt prepare and consume in the near future. Then there was a bag of caramels, a bag of pistachios, a bag of candy corn (fun!), and a bag of Reese's Pieces. Yummy beef jerky was also found, along with MANY, MANY pouches of Stephen's hot cocoa mix. I think this hot cocoa mix is an incredibly good idea and would not mind getting more of it in my next package. I've already enjoyed two of them, and plan on enjoying the rest of them in the near future. :) There might have been more contents that I am forgetting. In any case, all the contents were well received and I thank you all so very much for the package. It was great!

I've been taking lots and lots of pictures in the past couple of weeks, preparing for an imminent CD of pictures. I've been thinking on how and when I will be sending it home and decided that I'll probably be sending a small Christmas package and I'll just include it in there. Is everyone ok with that plan of action?

Transfers are coming up, and I'm pretty sure that I'll get moved this time. To where exactly, I'm not sure. But a move is likely coming, so be advised. I don't like having to move all of my stuff; it is quite a hassle. I do, however, look forward to the adventure of seeing a new place and doing missionary work in a new location. There are both good stresses and bad stresses involved with transfers.

Also, I'd like to inform you all that today is 11/11/2009 and I caught 11:11 AM on my wristwatch as we did a bit of hiking in Cercedilla. It was very cold up there today! I made good use of my scarf, beanie, earmuffs and gloves, as I'm sure you'll all see when I send pictures home. We summited a small mountain there and the view was beautiful! I was sure to take a good amount of pictures this time and I predict that it won't be long until I have enough to justify the disc. Maybe the first week of next transfer I'll do it?

Thank you all for your letters of love and support. Still working hard out here in Segovia! Not too many people who want to listen, but we do a lot of contacting anyway. And that's life! Write back soon.

-Elder Knorr