Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zone Conference tomorrow! And guess who's part of the special musical number....!

Yes, you guessed it. It's me! Elder Knorr. And you'll never guess what part they have me singing. It's.... bass! Yet another shocker. :) But I'm more than excited to be doing it. Elder Ketchum will be singing with us too! I'm way excited because I haven't seen him since we parted ways in the CCM. It will truly be a 4 Ordained reunion concert!

Luzdadi and Javier are two great people. We haven't had the opportunity to teach them again, mostly because Luzdadi has cancer and has begun chemotherapy, so we were very worried about going by because we didn't want to disturb her or bother her. But we were able to make contact and we have a lesson set up for tonight at 9. We're actually planning on making brownies today to take to them. I hope we don't totally mess up the recipe! :)

As for new and exciting people that we've met, the brother of Carola, a recent convert, is showing real interest in the Church lately. He's sat in on some of the lessons we've taught them and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He came to the "Noche de Hogar" that we hold every week and enjoyed it. The only problem is that his vision is bad and he needs reading glasses to read, but he doesn't have any at this point. So, really, his progression literally depends on getting those glasses!

As for reembolsos for covered expenses, we fill out a form of all the expenses that are covered (which is basically just travel) and glue all the receipts and ticket stubs to the back of the form and turn it in to the office elders. They then just wire it straight to the card, so it's all done electronically, which helps avoid any would-be muggings. The problem is that reembolsos don't come on time all the time, so we're left with less money than we need to buy food or more tickets, which is why I've had to draw from my home account a few times.

Sweet, ballroom! Lucky Emily, getting to go to an intensive workshop. I love ballroom, as you probably all know. Which brings me to another thing: the special activity that Presidente Watkins has asked us all to carry out. He wants us to use our talents to put together special activities to find and befriend new people to teach. Elder Zollinger and I have been putting our heads together to try and come up with something. We came up with a few ideas, from music classes to ballroom instruction (which would involve me dancing with Elder Zollinger, an idea that he did not like in the least). Elder Zollinger likes shooting targets with shotguns, but that's definitely not something he can do in Spain, or do as a missionary. Then I remembered that I know how to make a plethora of delicious subs, called bocadillos here in Spain. I could teach people how to make Subway sandwiches, and then we could EAT them! Peradventure the members could bring their nonmember friends, and it could become a great finding activity. So that's what we're going for at this point.

One thing that I've been doing lately for fun is cooking different kinds of foods. A week ago I tried making Arroz con Leche (which is basically rice pudding) and failed terribly, ending up with what was basically a cinnamon- flavored cold rice cake. :P But it still tasted pretty good! Also, I've made crepes a couple of times for me and my companion. Delicious! Something new for you guys to try on crepes: sliced up kiwi together with berry yogurt. It tastes amazing! Of course I've been eating plenty of Chicken Fallbrooke as well, thanks to the many packets of hollandaise sauce I am now the proud owner of. Thanks again for that package! My companion and I have enjoyed it very much. Another thing we've been eating a load of is fruit smoothies. We have a little Bosch blender, and we throw in there frozen nectarines, peaches, bananas, paraguayos and yogurt, along with some milk and fruit juice. It's a delicious treat at the end of a hot day. Also, yesterday, I tried for the first time a yellow kiwi. I didn't even know there existed different kinds of kiwi! It didn't taste very much like a kiwi though; it was more like a big grape. Today I want to go buy a starfruit from a Fruteria and see how it tastes. Anyway, enough rambling on about food!

I'll get my mail tomorrow at Zone Conference and I'm excited to see and read the letters I've received! Thank you all for your love and support. I'm doing fine over here. The work is excellent! Until next time.

-Elder Knorr