Monday, June 1, 2009

Here I go! Wish me lucks!!! :)

We leave the CCM tomorrow so they gave us time to write our families a short email just to let them know what the plans are! I've been packing all day and I'm finally ready to head out tomorrow! Well, at least I'm ready luggage-wise... hehehe... There's probably nothing that can prepare a person for this kind of experience. Maybe that's part of the fun of it! I'm incredibly excited to get out there and start having adventures. But yep, this is it: the end of my CCM experience. So far, I've been training to be a missionary. Now I actually get to go out and be one, just like all the missionary movies and missionary stories I've ever seen or heard. I must admit that the task is more than daunting, in almost every way! I've done my best to work on my Spanish and learn the doctrines, but at the end of the day, all I can really do is trust in the Savior. Jesus is the perfect teacher. I know that because I'm doing his work, I'll be able to succeed. 1 Nephi 3:7, right? That scripture is SO applicable...

I got the package!!! It was a very joyous occasion indeed. I shared everything I got with the other missionaries, and they are all very grateful. I'd almost forgotten the taste of Skittles... And the vacuum packing was a genious idea, I must say. Especially with the cookies. They tasted just like they did at home! Crispy, chocolatey, nutty and delicious (just packed down as tightly as possible, that's all! ;)

Other missionaries being sent to the Madrid Mission with me: Elders Albretson, Ketchum, McArthur, Jeppson, Froberg and Hermanas Sharp, Ball and Nuckols. We're all way excited and I love all of them so much! Elder Ketchum is especially studly. He's a spiritual giant and he's really humble and he could probably be an opera singer or the next president or something amazing! I can't say enough good about Elder Ketchum.

Well, I have to go now. I love you all so much and am more grateful than I can express for your love and support! :) Till we meet again!

Oh, I forgot to give a report on the park! It went really well this week. I went with Elder Southwick, who has as much energy as three of me combined, loves to chat (especially about soccer, which comes in extremely handy. He was able to name the team of every soccer jersey that we saw!) and knows very, very little Spanish. We turned out to be a pretty dynamic duo, contacting anyone who crossed our path in a blind, flailing, snowballing force of gospel-sharing fury! It was awesome! Elder Southwick has no fear whatsoever, and I had the Spanish to back him up. Some of the special little tidbits: We gave a "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet to a preparing street performer. At the time we were talking to him, he was sitting on the street, wearing nothing but a brown, crusty speedo, applying some eye makeup. As we closed our talk, he started wrapping his legs with saran wrap and painting himself brown. We never got to see the finished product, but that was ok with me! Also, our main strategy was to try to talk about the Church, and if they refused us, we'd at least give them a picture of Jesus Christ emerging from the tomb. They NEVER rejected that, because they're almost all Catholic! Anyways, time's up! I love you!

-Elder Knorr