Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday is Preparation Day - FIRST EMAIL

Hello one and all! This is your one-and-only Elder Knorr, reporting in from the MTC.

First off, Elder Elliott was right in what he told me about the MTC: the food is awesome. Every day, a splendid plethora of options presents itself in the cafeteria. I've especially enjoyed ice cream night, which comes to pass every Sunday and Wednesday night.

So, a day in the life.... I wake up at 6:30 a punto and proceed to take a cold shower (building 4M apparently has a bad reputation for that, and I'm beginning to see why). It's ok though; it's making a man of me. Fortunately, the hot water works in the sinks so I've been able to keep a baby-soft shave ever since my induction on Wednesday. Mom will be happy to know that I've already switched out my old razor blade for a fresh one. My dental hygiene is also impeccable.

Then we go to class for thirty minutes before breakfast. Every class, we begin and end with a hymn and a prayer in Español. The classes are super focused and awesome; I'm learning tons about missionary work and what it's going to take, and I can honestly say that I'm ready to go the distance. I can see how the Lord has prepared me for this, and how he continues to help me along. I know I can do it with his help.

The schedule for the day varies. Sometimes we have gym, sometimes we have LGMs (large group meetings). Today, it's preparation day, so I've had a chance to do my badly-needed-to-be-done laundry and write these badly-needed-to-be-written letters. I've received letters from Kristen, Ben, Ethan, Megan, and a mysterious man who calls himself Agent Boggle... (I suspect it's Drew). I am deeply grateful for ALL of these letters and I would implore you to all continue your letter-sendings. I can only send mail on Tuesdays, but I can receive it on any day (save for Sunday). I've also been recently notified that there's a package waiting for me at the mail office, so I'll pick that up after typing this out and I thank whoever sent me the package right now, beforehand, cause I'm sure that I'll love it.

Just so everyone knows, time is very messed up here in the MTC, like some kind of episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A week passes like a day, but a day passes like 3 months. Not that I mind; I really have enjoyed the Spirit and the teaching. One Elder recently described it as just one long day, interrupted by occasional periods of unconciousness. I have to agree with him.

Anyway, my email time is running short and I still have a lot to do before preparation time ends. Hasta luego! The Church is true.

-Elder Knorr