Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking at Spain through Fresh Eyes

Well, things are going more or less normal here in Villalba. Our trio presses onward. This is probably the closest I will get to training while on my mission, so I'm enjoying it.

There's so much that I've been learning and dis
covering as I've helped Elder Barlow get used to things here. I've noticed a lot of things that I am now used to that are new for him. Weird! A lot of the things were little, insignificant things, like the fact that doorknobs here are in the middle of the door, or that there's hardly any carpet, or that the traffic lights commonly flash yellow (yield), or that everyone smokes, or that milk comes in 1 liter boxes and can be stored at room temperature, or that there is no peanut butter or root beer. These are all things that are now normal to me, but they shouldn't be. Does that make sense? These things are strange, but I don't notice them anymore. Having Elder Barlow around to point it all out is quite interesting, seeing as I may have never noticed it myself.

We had Zone Conference and Stake Conference this past week. Although Stake Conference was an hour and a half away, Sadith came with all his family and Alvaro also made the trip with his 12-year-old daughter Paul
a. It was a great experience for all present and they all continue towards baptism.

Sadith now has a date for the 26th of February, and
he's excited and looking forward to it, as is his family. He is a great man and has overcome a lot to be able to get to this point. We are going to do everything possible to help him achieve his goal.

Other than that, things are looking tricky due to a sudden lack of money... :S We had to buy a variety of pots and pans for the piso, and I ended up footing the bill. Now I have about 5 euros to get me through the nex
t 2 weeks. Yeah. Fun times. Fortunately, Elder Barlow has plenty of money on the month still, and we live the law of consecration when it comes to food. :)

Today, we went in to Madrid and spent some time with some of the other missionaries down there. We stopped by a pretty sweet Star Wars exhibition and took some pictures with all of the life-size stuff and had a good time.

Oh, another thing. Remember Freencky Portas? Well, he put his papers in for the mission and he got his call last week. Guess where he's serving...? Salt Lake City, Utah. English Speaking. I literally screamed when I found out. :)

Well, not much else going on right now. I'm loving being a missionary and am looking forward to Sadith's baptism. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support.

Till next time,

-Elder Knorr