Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working our Hardest, General Conference Ponderings, Residency Close Calls, and........ PICTURES!!!

Things are going well for me. I've been trying to work in the area as much as possible, despite our office duties. Things have gotten a lot harder in our proselyting. People just seem less and less willing to listen every day. It's a bit discouraging, but we know that we won't ever have success here if we don't keep working our hardest, so... we keep working our hardest! :)

General Conference was very good. Probably my favorite so far up to this point. I was disappointed to have missed Elder Bednar´s
talk in the last session, but I'll get it soon enough. Elder Holland didn't quite fulfill my expectations (I was expecting another explosive talk about angels or the Book of Mormon or about virtue. Instead, I got a "Thanks Talk"). I mean, it wasn't a bad talk at all, but it was a bit of a let down from that hellfire and brimstone streak he was on. I very much enjoyed Elder Oaks' talk about the two lines of communication with God. That answered a lot of questions that I personally had about the relationship between prophets (Priesthood line) and inspiration (personal line). I learned that it's really supposed to be a balance of the two. Neither makes the other one obsolete or unnecessary. It was an eye-opening talk. I also very much enjoyed President Monson's talk on Sunday Morning (Sunday Night for me). It was truly powerful, as was his talk in the Priesthood session. After the talk, I was so moved that I could not deny that he is a Prophet of God. It was a very good one.

We've had a few minor crises with the whole resi
dency issue. Fortunately, everyone's on track now, but it was scary for awhile. We were worried that some wouldn't survive. There needs to be a reform as far as our residency process goes.

Well, that's all that I've got for now. Besides General Conference, it's been a fairly average week. Has Freencky contacted you guys yet? He flew on Monday, I imagine he should be there by now. Let me know if you see him. Actually, take a picture of you all together and send it to me in my
email.Speaking of which, I'll attach some pictures to this one! I love you all, take care!

-Elder Knorr

My companion
Me, Dani and Alfonso, friends and investigators (disregard how fat I apparently am)

Elder Bartholomew tickling Elder León

A sunset
Elder León "meditating"
Freencky, with Farrah his twin sister