Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Spanish Flu!

Hello family and friends! Well, I guess the big news this time around is that I just barely got over a nasty Spanish flu which kept me in bed for about 4 days. The sickness came on Thursday afternoon, and I decided to just keep working for a day and a half before I finally called in and Hermana Seel (our mission nurse) told me to stay at home, stop eating, drink clear liquids and try to get as much sleep as I could. So, that's more or less how I spent the next 96 hours. It was not very fun, or relaxing. But I'm good now! I think I've lost around 6 pounds, so for a moment, at least, I'm a little less fluffy. But I'm feeling MUCH better now and I'll be back out to work tonight. Well, that's almost literally all that's been going on this week! :) Not much else. I've been drinking a lot of "Aquarius" which is the Spanish version of Gatorade (made by the same company, I think).

I managed to keep up on the bare minimum of my district leader responsibilities, with my companion's help, by doing weekly call-in report Sunday night and trying in vain to organize a district meeting for yesterday. When I was feeling a little better, I memorized all of the
Articulos de Fe and now know all 13! It's always tough for a missionary to leave his area for such a long time. I feel like I have to reestablish contact with everybody now! We're teaching an investigator tonight (hopefully 2, actually) and we'll see what we can do to get them back on the path to baptism.

In secondary news, I gave myself a haircut (my first mistake) and ended up cutting it a bit too short. Oh well, it's hair and it will grow back, right...? There's really not much more to say at this point about this week, honestly.

So I'll upload some pictures if I can so that you can SEE how things have been instead!

I love you, friends and family, thanks for the letters and the love.

Till next time!
Elder Knorr