Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letter to the Bishop and the Ward - written November 18th

Dear Bishop Claybaugh,

Hello! Sorry I haven't written until now; I know you like to have something from missionaries to read over the pulpit, so I thought I'd write you and tell you about my mission and you can read what you want to the ward.

I'm currently in Segovia, a city an hour north of Madrid and best known for its two thousand-year-old Roman aqueduct, built in the time of Christ! The branch here is tiny, but faithful. In many ways, the contrasts between here and the Northridge 14th Ward are incredible, but at the end of the day it's all the same Church and the same Gospel, and that's what's really important.

The "missionary lifestyle" is excellent! I love the work and I love the message.

The food is good, but very oily and a little more on the unhealthy side. If anyone ever tells you that the average Spaniard eats healthier than the average American, don't believe a word of it!

Christmas is coming and I'm enjoying the appearance of many rich traditions and cultural treats. One thing unique to Segovia and the surrounding area is a little instrument called the Dulzania, which resembles a shortened oboe. It has a very happy but incredibly loud and piercing sound. My companion and I joke that if a Dulzaina is played, everyone within a mile radius will instantly know. When accompanied by a snare drum, the music of this instrument draws out the older Spaniards and they dance a traditional folk dance called the Jota. It's very fun to watch!

I have already seen miracles happen in this work. I have seen lives changed. I have seen hearts healed. I know this Church is everything we know it to be; I know it's true, and that's why I love this work so much. I'd invite all the members of the ward to think about how they can personally help the work move forward. Members of the Church are much more important to missionary work than I think many of them realize.

Thank you, Bishop, for helping me get where I am now and for helping me prepare to do what I am now doing. I'll keep working as hard as I can to help these people see the truth. Take care!

Elder Knorr