Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 Photos and Letter to Dad written December 16th

We've had some crazy preparation days lately. The mission gave us some extra money and told us to refurbish the pisos. I got that new frying pan I'd been coveting, and we stocked up nicely on cleaning supplies. It was nice!

As for the veritable plethora of vocabulary I've been using in my emails, some of it is from me. The rest is from Kristen. She sends me words and then challenges me to use them in my emails. I don't mind at all; it gives me a chance to keep my English skills up. Plus, it's fun! :)

I printed out pictures today. The first one is of me and Elder Zollinger with Presidente Jesús Galera and his wife Loli. The second one is my new companion, Elder Kap.

Thanks for the constant letters, emails and packages. They're a big help to me.

Luis Enrique gets baptized this Saturday. Tell you all about it in my next email. I love you! [He was baptized and Elder Knorr talks about it in the Dec. 23rd post below.]

Your missionary son,
Elder Knorr