Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun tidbits from a letter to Kristen sent last week...stay tuned for today's email with some GREAT news!

I'm doing fine here, still in Segovia! They didn't move me. This is my 4th transfer here now, but I don't mind. I am truly beginning to love the people here, even if the work is a bit slow from time to time. For some reason, not many Spaniards want to talk to us. I think it's because they're scared of us. That's why member missionary work is so IMPORTANT! If members did more referring of their friends to us and then helped us meet them and teach them, the Spaniards would love the gospel! They're good people! They're just scared to even talk to anyone wearing a black name tag.

To explain the "lisp" in Spanish here: they still use the regular "s" sound too; the "th" sound is given to certain letters. For example, "cielo" vs "sielo". The first will be pronounced "thielo" because it has the soft c. The second will still be pronounced "sielo," even by the most Spanish of Spaniards. The letter "z" is also always given the "th" sound. For example, "pez" is pronounced "peth." Tho I hope thith lethon helpth your underththanding increath! :)