Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missionary Work in Segovia . . . I Continue Forward

Hi!!! Thanks so much for the tidbits and news.

You know, hearing about these missionary experiences from you and Dad has made me think . . . you both really WERE my age once! It's so much easier to visualize you [Mom] going from door to door in humid Georgia and trying to share the Gospel with people, now that I'm a missionary myself! I'll tell you what though: a lot of the people here don't even want to talk about Jesus. Or religion. Or really talk at all! I don't know if it's just Segovia or if it's a more nationwide thing, but people very, very seldom even let us get a few words in. It's frustrating sometimes! But we keep doing it because, regardless of the tens or hundreds of times we get rejected, there's always one or two people who will listen to us and let us teach them. And that member missionary work you had going sounds pretty awesome! We don't have very many active members in Segovia (4 or 5) but we work with them the best we can. Our branch president, Jesus Galera, works with us almost every day. Either we teach him directly, or he goes with us to a lesson so we can visit one of the single sisters (we can't go alone). That's more or less how the work goes here in Segovia.

I'm happy to report that the onion has successfully cleared my system and I now smell, once again, as sweet as an Irish Spring rose. It seems we missionaries will go to any length to teach a good, unforgettable lesson.

We have had to move the date back with Alfredo. He doesn't feel like he's received an answer as to whether or not this is the Only True Church. To him, it could be the same as the Catholic Church. We've been trying to help him understand the difference and explain to him the doctrine, but the only true testimonies come from God, so we're just doing everything we can now to help him obtain his own testimony. I still have no doubt that he will, with time, get baptized. We just need to make sure that we don't lose our focus with him and that he keeps progressing, learning, and praying.

To answer the other queries concerning Alfredo: We've been getting a member in every lesson that we possibly can, and that member usually ends up being Presidente Galera. Alfredo has come to church every possible time since we met him, except for once, so he's doing very well there. As for his wife, she lives in Colombia still with all of their children except for one. That one is 26 years old and lives with Alfredo here in Segovia, but we haven't met him yet. Alfredo seems to be a bit nervous about telling her [his wife] about the Church, despite our constant requests for him to do so. It's important that she understands what he's doing.

Thanks for the words of comfort and animo. I can't think of a word that says it better in English. That's happening more and more to me . . . ask Dad for a rough translation. [animo = motivation] I'm doing my best out here to do you proud, to become a more
magnanimous missionary, and to see if I can perhaps bring a wayfaring soul to repentance.

I love you, and thanks for the letters, packages, emails and prayers! Sigo adelante [I continue forward].

-Elder Knorr