Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bits from a recent letter to Dad

Written Sept. 16:

Yeah, Segovia's known as a pretty slow area these days, though my companion and I have seen a good deal of refreshing éxito [success] in the past few weeks. There aren't quite as many baptisms here in Spain, for whatever reason.
Not like Colombia at least, where you probably baptized like Dan Jones, or Alma at the waters of Mormon. But we have been recently given counsel by Elder Teixeira the Seventy on how to increase the number of convert baptisms here in Spain, so we're working hard to apply it. So far it's working great!

We have a progressing investigator from Colombia named Alfredo who's showing very good potential!
He does the things we ask him to, including reading in the Book of Mormon, which is hard for him to do and understand because he only has a 3rd grade education. But he keeps doing it, which I think is good evidence of his determination to progress. He is an amazing example of humility to me.