Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Teaching and Studying, Beans and Rice

I'll start this off by saying THANK YOU for all of the letters I've received lately, and a big thanks in advance for all those letters and packages that are still on the way! I await them with felicitous, giddy eagerness. And I'm very glad that the letters and tapes I've sent are well-received and enjoyed. I enjoy writing them!

I'm glad to hear that the family is doing well and is anxiously engaged in good causes!

Ok, now a word about the work. Our investigator Angel (the Ecuadorian would-be American) is progressing well! We've met with him several times and he's attended church. He's keeping his commitments and does all the reading we assign to him. We've set as a goal with him the 17th of October for baptism. We'll do the best we can with him and see how things go! Also, Alfredo has been in Madrid the last couple of days but he still meets with us and we're meeting his needs well. We continue to look for more, but those are the two big bright spots lately.

I thought this time I'd include a little blurb about my studies. As missionaries, we get a whole hour every day to ourselves to study the scriptures, Preach my Gospel, and other approved reading. I love it! I've been working on a goal to read through all the standard works. I finished the Book of Mormon first, then I started the Old Testament at Genesis and started going through that. When I got to Psalms, I started reading through Doctrine and Covenants simultaneously. I've been thinking of stopping the D&C and reading Our Heritage first because I'm told it will enrich my understanding of the aforementioned book.
Today I just finished Isaiah. It's not as bad as everyone always says it is!!! I've enjoyed it a great, great deal and have marked it up top to bottom. I'd recommend it for anyone wanting to understand better the prophesies of Christ and the gathering of Israel, and the Millenium.

Traveling costs have been very heavy lately, so I ate VERY cheaply this last week, making beans and rice every day. I was able to stay under 10 Euro on my grocery bill. Pretty good, eh?

Well, I need to get going now. Take care everyone! I love you all and thank you for your continued love and support. Hasta luego!

-Elder Knorr