Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bits and Pieces from older letters

July 22

"We have an appointment this preparation day to go over to Hermana Loli's house, (the wife of the branch president, just had heart surgery a year ago and is a wonderful, happy 75 year old lady) and she's going to teach us how to make tortilla patata, which is basically potatoes, eggs, milk, cheese and bits of ham all mixed together and cooked in a pan until it's kind of solid. Then you eat it. We want to see how a real-life Spanish woman cooks it so that we can learn how to make it for ourselves. Then, some other day, she said she'd teach us how to make flan de huevo, which is basically a yummy egg-based custard."

July 29

"I'm still getting used to "pueblo life." The Spain Madrid Mission has city areas, which is where I was before, and pueblo areas, which is where I am now. Pueblos are kind of like miniature cities. They have all of the same modern conveniences, they just have less of them. And there are way less members. Here, we're attached to a little "rama" (branch) and we get 13-16 people out to sacrament meeting every week, tops. Also, we only have a president (branch equivalent of the bishop) and a 1st counselor. That's it as far as Priesthood goes. Yeah, we're small. But we're like a small family."

August 26

"So I read a sweet article out of the Liahona (our Ensign) "Our Refined Heavenly Home." It was a good article. It was all about how we can make our home more like heaven. My companion and I have been freakin' out about it for weeks!" If you'd like to read the article, click here.

"We needed to get to an appointment in a different part of the city that takes a while to get to because you have to go around all this wilderness and hills. But my companion told me about a legendary trail that we could take that would take us right there. We looked for it and...we found it! The secret trail is real! We hiked a bit and it even had a sweet view of the cathedral at sunset. We named it "Dead Man's Pass" just to make it sound cool."