Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still in Segovia - quick little email this week!

Hello! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful email letting me know how everyone I love is doing.

As for news about the mission, our investigators and recent converts have all decided to vanish into thin air, so we haven't been able to teach very many lessons this last week. We've decided that it's a test and a learning experience to help us develop patience and diligence. So...we're being patient and diligent. And doing a whole lot of contacting.

Neither I nor Elder Zollinger got moved in this last set of transfers; we're both staying in Segovia. I'm pretty happy about that: I'll get to know this area very well before I leave. In our district, Elder Monson got moved to Alcala and Elder Coley came in to replace him. Elder Moreno is now the district leader.

Thank you so much for the letters you have sent! They have given me strength in some rather challenging times so far. I'm sending off a wave of letters today because I've had ample opportunity today to write them, so everyone brace yourselves! :) I'm doing fine! Take care everyone!

-Elder Knorr